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quarta-feira, 23 setembro, 2020 por Txuca

Dum extenso release (14 parágrafos), creditado a Craig Morrison, um etnomusicologista, músico, professor e teórico em rockabilly, contendo contextualizações sobre a banda, primeiro disco e show específico deste meu “Live At Montreux 1981” (2012) em dvd, pincei 3 parágrafos:

At the time of this extraordinary concert, July 10, 1981, their first album had been out about six months, and three tracks were hits: ‘Rock This Town’, ‘Stray Cats Strut’, and ‘Runaway Boys’, all written by the band. Guitarist and lead vocalist Brian Setzer was 22, drummer Slim Jim Phantom was 20, and bassist Lee Rocker was 19. From Long Island, New York, they had formed the Stray Cats in 1980. On hearing their style of music, a modernized take on 1950s rockabilly, was more popular in London, they moved there. Their live shows created a buzz, and approval from Jeff Beck, formely of the Yardbirds, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, and members of the Rolling Stones boosted their profile and credibility. Vocalist, guitarist, and producer Dave Edmunds, who had been having hits of his own since 1968, came in to produce that first album, recorded and released in England.


The Stray Cats were only a trio, but all members were talented, trained, and seasoned musicians, and stepped in 1950s music. Their ensemble cohesion was remarkable. On this hot summer night, with a standing audience of youngsters jammed together, crowded so close to the stage that some in the front line had their elbows on it, the Stray Cats gave it everything their had. They knew what they were doing and did it, with a vengeance. Setzer, dripping with sweat, delivered his impassioned vocals and fluid and inventive guitar licks while seeming to be in constant motion. His sure touch on the guitar, great tone, and an enviable command of the guitar’s jazzy, bluesy, country-esque, rock and roll vocabulary made for fretboard magic! Rocker, smoking a cigarette, his fingers protected by tape, picked and rhythmically slapped his articulate bass lines, took a solo now and then, and occasionally showed off by standing on his upright bass. Phantom‘s hands were protected by gloves, and his bashing and crashing and propulsive rhythms kept the excitement high and everything rolling. Once in a while, Rocker and Phantom would punctuate a song with screams. The total effect: glorious!


After performing 11 songs, the band departs, but the audience is pumped, clapping, whistling, and singing in unison a hypnotic, wordless fragment of melody. They manage to bring them back three times for encores. When this exhilarating show finally ends – a classic example of a band and audience feeding off of each other’s energy, and the sky is the limit – the Stray Cats leave the stage exhausted, and the crowd disperses, satiated. A great night in rock and roll history!

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  1. Tiago Rolim

    Por esses acasos do destino, comprei semana passadas esse dvd. 15 pila. esperando chegar pelos correios.

  2. Marco Txuca

    Ñ vai se arrepender. Tira a mesinha de centro da sala, pede pra patroa vestir aquela saia rodada e dancem até de madrugada ahah

  3. André

    Lembrei disso aqui:

  4. Marco Txuca

    Opa. Legalzinho. Geração youtubber com conteúdo? Parece as gurias q o Jessiê entrevistou outro dia.

    E tem vídeos dela com Paulo Miklos. Ñ fui atrás de história. Quem é?

  5. André

    Não conheço direito. Além desse vídeo, sei que ela toca com o Emicida e o Paulo Miklos.

  6. bonna, generval v.

    Fãs de Stray Cats, aproveitem esta promoção aqui da carreira solo do Brian Setzer que este DVD é maravilhoso! R$9,90

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