Thrash com H


quarta-feira, 9 janeiro, 2019 por Txuca

Momento “visite nossa cozinha” nos agradecimentos de “First Strike Still Deadly” (2001):

Before these re-recordings started the first idea was to remix some of our older material off of ‘THE LEGACY’ and the ‘NEW ORDER’ recordings. In short, politically this could not happen.

So through the inspiration of our fans worldwide and through the fans on our website, we decided to re-record some of our early classic material, with today’s productions and help from some of our best past and present players.

On vocals, the one and only ‘dog faced god’ Chuck Billy. On drums, the tight and thunderous strokes of John (the storm) Tempesta. On bass guitar, the unique fretless and fearless playing of Steve DiGiorgio, also the return of the fretted favorite Alex (skullwrecker!) Skolnick on lead guitars and longtime riffage king, Eric Peterson on ryhmz.

Joining Chuck on lead vocals, original screamer Steve (Zetro) Souza returns to ad his stamp to some of his earlier lyrical efforts (Alone in the Dark, Reign Of Terror).

Additional background chants by some of our Bay Area homies: Tommy L., Walter M., Larry (sssshhhh), Stevie D., Elric and Hikko.

These recordings are dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner and all of our true fans worldwide (you know who you are!). We hope you enjoy them, as we believe that we have brought them justice in the year of our lord. Winter 2001. Cheerz!

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