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quarta-feira, 7 novembro, 2018 por Txuca

Release por David Was, produtor executivo, em “The X Files the Score” (1998), enaltecendo Mark Snow, autor da trilha incidental em questão:

Mark Snow has the best job in television, though he might tell you OTHERWISE during a particularly hellish work-week – scoring both the ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Millennium’ for Chris Carter. But the REASON we are to admire and not pity this protean musical laborer is that he composes MUSIC for stories that depend on mood and atmosphere in a way that your AVERAGE cops’n’killers shows don’t.

A taller ORDER by far than composing a ‘Symphony to Book Suspects By’, ‘The X-Files’ asks for MUSICAL expressions of awe, mystery, wonder and, yes, TERROR. Snow furnishes the EMOTIONAL backdrops with a spare zen-like palette – a long cello here, a pensive piano figure there. But, buyer BEWARE: what you hold in your hand is Snow Unchained. His filigree brushwork traded in for buckets of splashy color, his CUSTOMARY restraint eschewed in favor of supernovas of exploding sound.

Big-screen or SMALL, Mark Snow‘s music is the SOUND you hear in your head when the picture fades to BLACK. It is the stuff of DREAMS, the soul’s soundtrack“.

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