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quarta-feira, 10 outubro, 2018 por Txuca

Ficha/agradecimentos à moda “conheça nossa cozinha”, em “BeeHappy” (1996):

Hi! If anybody needs to know, it’s you! What’s your name? Mine is Nina Hagen and I’ve made 15 LPs/CDs so far, and the one you’re lookin’ at is the latest: “BEEHAPPY” I know: it almost drives one crazy, being told that! But in the first version of “BEEHAPPY”, which we call: “FreuD Euch” in its German version, the name only suggests a couple of meanings. And I’d bee very happy to thank all those wounderful people, who helped me 2 bee ready with this CD to let you “BEEHAPPY”: They are the German producer Herr Ralf Goldkind and the English engineer Mister David Nash and Ash Wednesday and all the people like Christa and Stephan Fast from Conny’s Studio in Germany. Also – the American producer and engineer Joseph Julian – I want 2 thank very mucho! And the two second engineers Roland Alvarez and Elizabeth Magro plus David de Vore and Cindy Corson from The Complex Studio in Los Angeles. Also – my manager Axel Schwarzberg and his assistant Sybille and everybody at RCA in Hamburg. I also wanna thank Barbara Baker (management Joseph Julin) for the big help, and last but not least, all my fans all over the world for their unique and soulful love-vibrations. Many thanks to my children Cosma-Shiva and Otis and to Maddy and Fränckie and Kelly and David and Tequila and Kurt Cobain and Anita Berber. And especially Andy, Liza and Susi from SNAP HER for putting those unique demos together with me and being my band, testing the new material live in L.A. and New York. I love you all 4 ever! See U on tour 96/97.

Nina Hagen

P.S.: Oh, thank you Dee Dee Ramone! I love U!


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