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quarta-feira, 4 julho, 2018 por Txuca

Divagações sobre as comissárias de bordo (aeromoças), motivo conceitual de “Air” (2007), pela própria Anneke van Giersbergen:

Since I began flying and was introduced to the world of the stewardess, ‘the lady in the aisle’, has fascinated me enomously.
She is a phenomenon in my eyes; friendly, helpful, skillful, and… clean and neat.
No wrinkles, no cracks showing in her make-up and no hair on her head is pointing in the wrong direction.
I can watch her for hours and study her details.
That one beautiful pin in her perfect hair, her never fading lip gloss.
I cheer inside when I see her lose her patience a little bit with an annoying passenger.
I wonder; how long can she stand on those heels? How long until her pantyhose tear?
Does she ever curse? Was she a lonely child? Does her family carry around a dark secret?
Because nobody is perfect, right?
Not even the stewardess I suppose.

The thing is that in our culture, the moral values we live by are based upon achieving and winning and not about just being human with all our beauty, talents, flaws and silly sides included.

This is one of the reasons why we don’t check what we feel and need first when we are not at ease, but instead we look at the person next to us and we try to reach their goals insted of our own.

When I look at the stewardess, I admire those qualities that I do not own myself. I admire her neatness and skills, I love that she seems so different from me and instead of wanting to be her; she inspires me to be myself.

The stewardess is the ambassador of Agua de Annique and the álbum ‘Air’.
She represents the duality of life.
The beautiful side of life and the dark side.
The comfortable and the uneasy.
The lovely and the grim.
All these sides belong to our lives, we should embrace and cherish them as we are so different from each other, and yet, we are so similar“.

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  1. Jessiê

    Você está me provocando.

    Esse álbum é fantástico, desde a capa e a concepção. Escuto muito, quase todos os dias, nem saberia dizer qual é a minha preferida: Trail of grief, Ice of water, Sunken soldiers ball, Beautiful one, Yalin… Disco lindo, elegante muito sensual, daqueles de colocar e dar uma senhora foda.

  2. Jessiê

    Como não se apaixonar por uma holandesa dessas?

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