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quarta-feira, 23 novembro, 2016 por Txuca

Rabeira de release por Don Kaye na versão remasterizada (1998) de meu “World Demise” (1994):

WORLD DEMISE was also a bittersweet album in a way, since it marked Obituary‘s final effort at Morrisound Studios with producer Scott Burns, who had guided the band’s projects ever since their first full-fledged eight-track recordings became their debut album, SLOWLY WE ROT. Given an increased budget and his own expanding abilities, Burns worked diligently on finding new and unique ways to record the Obies, as they were affectionately known in the UK press. ‘This was Scott’s last, and definiely best, album with us’, reflects Tardy. ‘If I was somebody who had never heard any death metal before and had to compare the first four albuns, I think WORLD DEMISE would be the best-sounding album’.

This new, remastered version of WORLD DEMISE comes complete with a clutch of bonus tracks, including the rare “Killing Victims Found”, recorded during the sessions but only avaiable until now on the limited DON’T CARE ep in the U.S. and the WORLD DEMISE digipack cd in Europe, and three live tracks – “Infected”, “Godly Beings”, and “Body Bag” recorded at the 1992 Dynamo Festival in Holland, Obituary‘s first and, so far, only appearance at the legendary metal event. ‘It was a great show for us, because there were 30,000 people there and the majority of them were death metal fans. The live tracks added to this álbum from that show are straight from the soundboard, kind of dry and not the greatest mix, but that’s what sort of makes it cool’.  

And in keeping with the exploratory nature of WORLD DEMISE, Don Tardy says there’s one final piece of the album’s history that remains in the shadows. ‘Super Brian was really into doing dance remixes of heavy songs, and he did a House mix of “Boiling Point” that was really cool. It was very industrial sounding, with a full-on dance beat. But I never got a copy of it, we never used it, and now I can’t get in touch with Super Brian and get a copy from him. That’s something that I’d like to dig up and release one day, so the kids can hear it and say, ‘what the hell is going on here?”


PS: o tal Super Brian citado era um assistente de estúdio de Scott Burns

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  1. märZ

    Tenho e gosto do World Demise, mas meu preferido ainda é Cause Of Death. Tinha o LP, e a capa era a coisa mais linda. Vendi juntamente com outros LPs pra capitalizar e ir no show do Ramones no Rio em 92.

  2. Colli

    Meu preferido também é o Cause Of Death. Formação com James Murph sempre sai coisa pra lá de boa.

    World Demise se foi lançado em 94… Não ouvi na época. Estava totalmente alheio ao metal. Não conheço muito coisa.

  3. Marco Txuca

    Acho disco subestimado. Os caras viraram os 90’s e parece q muita gente só ficou nos 3 primeiros…

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