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Blind Guardian

melhor capa: “A Twist In the Myth”
pior capa: “A Night At the Opera”


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… o q ficou?


quinta-feira, 16 agosto, 2018 por Txuca

… o q ficou?


quinta-feira, 16 agosto, 2018 por Txuca

Texto dum certo Jonathan Miller, datado de fevereiro/março de 1996, constando do encarte de relançamento de “Pergamon” (1986), e demonstrando q independente de sistemas políticos algumas coisas pouco mudam:

Following two years of negociation, Tangerine Dream were invited to play two concerts at the Palast der Republik in former East Berlin on 31st January 1980 – the firts Western rock group to do so, presumably because the instrumental nature of their music was not viewed as being ‘politically dangerous’ by e communist authorities. Tickets reputedly changed hands for up to $125 on the black market, such was the Eastern Bloc’s hunger for rock music at the time!

As Froese remembers: ‘The Palast der Republik was where parliament sessions were held and importante political speeches made, so we had to agree not to make any political stataments and just play music – nothing that would colide with the political system. Since it was the first concert of a Western band in East Berlin and in such a high profile place, all the international press were outside with cameras everywhere, because 80% of the tickets were given away to officials and organisations connected with the East German government. The remaining 20% sold out in about five minutes.

‘About half an hour prior to the show there was a very delicate moment because 900 people were pressing against the venue’s huge glass windows trying to get in. Inside, we had to make a decision: Did we want lots of publicity by allowing the windows to be damaged – maybe people would be hurt or worse – and blowing the gig? A public relations company would say we we stupid, but from my perspective of performing our music, it was very simple: I told the officials we would not perform unless they let those people in for free, thus preventing any trouble. They did and that was the first time I found out exactly waht political journalism was all about: Writing something sensational and extraordinary bring success, but at what expense?

‘On the other hand, we had a wonderful concert. As far as the music was concerned it was just great, but for political international journalism it was a total disappointment. The entire gig just got one small mention in a daily newspaper the next day – no one was really interested. If we were to do it again todas, I would make exactly the same decision’.

Filmed and recorded by th National Broadcasting Network of the GDR (German Democratic Republic), highlights of these heroic shows orignally appeared in June 1980 as the vinyl abum Quichotte on the East German label Amiga, Froese and Chris Franke having re-mixed and edited the music on the East Berlin as part of the original deal. Virgin later acquired the rights and a re-mastered West German reissue entitled Pergamon: Live At the Palast Der Republik was eventually realease in June 1986.

 The album’s two lengthy tracks are composed by Froese and Franke, who were in the process of preparing material for the next Virgin studio album, Tangram, when the go-ahead for the concerts came through at short notice. Consequently, themes from Tangram can be heard throughout the partly improvised music – including the excelent piano intro to ‘Quichotte (Part I)’ performed by classically-trained keyboard virtuoso Johannes Schmoelling, who had only joined the group a matter of weeks beforehand. Then aged 29, Schmoelling had several years experience as a theatre audio technicial being him, perfectly complementing the long-standing Froese/Franke nucleus to provide the first stable Tangerine Dream line-up since Peter Baumann left to pursue a solo career in November 1977″.


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  1. Trouble
  2. At War
  3. Christian Death
  4. Ronnie James Dio
  5. Blue Öyster Cult
  6. Interpol
  7. Usurper
  8. Galaxie 500
  9. Rancid
  10. Solitude Aeternus


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1º SOM – 1º ÁLBUM

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Gamma Ray

1º som: “Rebellion In Dreamland”, do videoclipe editado no Fúria Metal. Anos 90. Curti

Mas nem fui atrás. Época q torcia demais o nariz pra metal melódico. Me emprestaram o “Land Of the Free”, de q gravei as melhores músicas (indicadas por quem me emprestou, q ñ lembro quem foi), pra inclusive tirar a “Rebellion…” toda, q toquei numa banda de um show só, já nos 00’s

1º álbum: “No World Order!”, como o álbum q realmente curti e copiei adequadamente, e ano passado finalmente comprei o cd. No meio do caminho, copiei cd’s pra “algum dia” ouvir, e esse dia ainda ñ veio.


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… o q ficou?


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Finzinho elevado e inspirador da dedicatória do guitarrista Abaraxas (?!?) em seus agradecimentos em “Instinct Gate” (2001):

And remember: it’s a fuckin’ world out there and you’re just a pathetic part of it”.


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Tempos de internet: tempo sobrando, câmera à disposição e muita idéia biruta sendo posta em prática.

E q tal combinar Tears For Fears com blast beats?

Tvz pq eu esteja velho pra isso.

Tem graça? Quando eu tinha 15 anos tvz virasse assunto por dias. Os dias passam diferente hoje, pra mim e pra quem tem internet, q as páginas seguem sem q a gente mal lembre do q postou anteontem.

Rola aí um merchan da Zildjian, das peles de bateria vermelhas, das baquetas, dos pedais e dos triggers colocados nos tambores. Rola aí o sujeito aparecendo e provavelmente arrebanhando seguidores e alunos. Bom pra ele.

Na real, acho q nem combina. É esquisito sem sentido. E os comentários, pedindo Depeche Mode, Avril Lavigne, Rick Astley blastificados. Sei lá eu.

Sabem algo os amigos?

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