Thrash com H


quarta-feira, 16 junho, 2021 por Txuca

Entre o zoeiro e o se levando um pouco a sério demais, release apócrifo na contracapa de “Big Beat From Badsville” (1997):

This is not ordinary music!

Once again the band that dares to be different dives into the devil’s bucket and comes up gasping, with 14 new tunes to push your panic button. From the weird shadows of their offbeat taboo underworld comes more music of anti-social significance designed with the fiendish in mind. Bawdler than Tobacco Road and earthier than Gods Little Acre, this God-eating soiree will prime the carburetor of your sex machine. You’ll enjoy it whether naked on roller skates, semi-conscious, or both. Here, caught in the merciless coil of their primitive passions, THE CRAMPS are driven to new nighs and lows unimaginable before, PROCEED WITH CAUTION

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