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quarta-feira, 29 janeiro, 2020 por Txuca

Referência bibliográfica do conceito de “Unweaving the Rainbow” (2004) do prog projeto com vocal convidado, há quase 12 anos resenhado por aqui. Em:

Prof. Richard Dawkins is one of today’s leading neo-darwinist writers. He holds the Charles Simonyi Professorship of Public Understanding of Science. His books, which include ‘The Selfish Gene’, ‘The Extended Phenotype’ and ‘The Blind Watchmaker’, have changed evolutionary thinking forever. The title of this album comes from his book by the same name. In the book, he argues that simply because one ‘unweaves’ the rainbow and explains what it is and how it comes into being, it is no less magical. The explanation is even more fascinating than the myth. Each song on this album is based on a chapter out of one of Dawkins’ books. For example, his book ‘Climbing Mount Improbable’ gave birth to “Spiders”, “Message From the Mountain” and “La Mer”. These songs can only hint at the complexity of the chapters they are based on – they do not attempt to be a summary of Dawkins’ ideas“.

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