Thrash com H


quarta-feira, 5 fevereiro, 2020 por Txuca

Gratidão salpicada de auto-flagelação carinhosa, de reconhecimentos devidos e de agressividade rústica assinada coletivamente pelo Celtic Frost no rabicho do caudaloso encarte de “Monotheist” (2006):


As we lowered our hands to test the frozen ground to be traversed soon again by this group of moribund creatures collectively known as Celtic Frost, we were able to do so only due the amity, grace, and loyalty of those who believed, a few of whom have done so for two decades and more. It is to these faithful, then, who stood by our side these past intricate years, that we consecurate this work. It is no longer ours, it is theirs, and we are proud to bestow it upon them, as we continue to thread our path in their hallowed presence. Those who opposed, those who interfered, those who lacked faith, may they remain in the darkness of this forest called ‘humanity’ and continue to decay in ignorance.

Nihil verum nisi mors

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  1. märZ

    Truzisse no úrtimo.

  2. Marco Txuca


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