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quarta-feira, 10 abril, 2019 por Txuca

Causas, razões, motivos e circunstâncias de “Suck On This” (1989) descritas pelo próprio Les Claypool em sua versão relançada (remasterizada?) (2002):

“In late 1988 we decided to put out a record to the ever-expanding mass of Primus followers that hovered around the Bay Area. Opting to avoid the big labels and the endless compromises that they wanted from us at that time, we borrowed three thousand dollars from my father, recorded a couple of live shows and printed up one thousand copies of Suck On This, our first album. Though the band was formed in 1984, the incarnation on Suck On This had only been playing together for about two months. The shows were recorded by the then eighteen year old Matt Winegar on an old Tascam quarter inch eight track Porta-Studio, and mixed onto a Hi-Fi VHS video cassette. Suck On This launched Primus on what has been an incredible career and the album is a testimony to what can be accomplished with limited resources if the initiative is there.

Thanks for the support, Les Claypool

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  1. märZ


  2. Marco Txuca

    Paitrocínio ahah

    “Endless compromises” é muito Rush eheh

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