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O humor germânico, bizarro – fora difícil de saber umas horas, se rindo ou falando sério –  decantado no release de “One Night In Bangkok” (2003):


But let’s catch up with the present. SODOM’s 1989 album ‘Agent Orange’ turned out to be the first German thrash release hiting the country’s charts. And as of yet, the band has gained a platinum award for over one million copies sold, influenced countless thrash, death and black metal spin-offs and shredded virtually every fricking stage on this planet. With just one exception.

One little spot in Southeast Asia had unintentionally been spared so far: Bangkok, the Eastern jewel, known for its myriads of tuk-tuks and promiscuous travelling middle class businessmen rather than for a music scene of long-haired fans proudly wearing uniforms of sleeveless denim jackets strewn with patches expressing their positive attitude towards life.

But even the inhabitants of this unspoilt Eden came to a point where it was no longer possible to escape SODOM’s acoustic inferno: the band’s musical excretions, persistently preserved (and plagiarized) on vinyl, chromium dioxide and polycarbonate, reached Thailand to be traded on the metropolitan street markets. But de to the lack of wealthy punters, concerts and comparable mass events are exceptions in the land of strip bars and tasty calcium-rich insect dishes. Most major acts still avoid tourning the country just as vampires would spareall-catholic kebab stands.

Known to be renowned philanthropists, TOM ANGELRIPPER, BERNEMANN and BOBBY ventured out to Bangkok in summer 2001 to alter that deplorable state. Originally planned as a short stay with only one listening session for the press to promote their latest record ‘M-16’, the guys decided to put in a show for the masses – and to support the city’s underpaid chiropractors by letting the whole town bang.

Under the paternal guidance of MANNI EISENBLÄTTER, famous adventurer, travel courier, Asian tour manager and MC in persona, the band soon spotted Rockpub (Bangkok’s oasis of tough sounds) as a suitable venue. The sold out show was packed with 300 guests rushing in from all over Asia – a triumphant success despite a few technical limitations like high-voltage power lines being carelessly put together by standard household connectors. Given the local tropical climate that exuberant experience easily outdid a sauna ménage with Heidi Klum, Pamela Anderson and Claudia Schiffer.


Since the airline had refused to check in his van-sized recording mobile for hand luggage, producer Harris Johns had to grab his binary recording tool (lovingly called ‘Mac’). Also, as fate struck him, he was forced to repair the maixing desk that suffered from the high humidity and doubled as live mixer during the gig. But all’s well that ends well, so here they are the last  SODOM the way they were and always will be: loud, raw, brutal, unadulterated and fuckin’ hardcore Thrash. From first to last note, from opener to encore, from dusk till dawn.

ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK – Konz, April 2003

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