Thrash com H


quarta-feira, 24 outubro, 2018 por Txuca

Release a cargo de seu criador, Chris Carter, em “The X-Files: the Album” (1998), trilha do primeiro longa metragem:

“ONE ENTERS this soundtrack business blindly, with a blind man’s trust in the peculiar laws of physics which apparently govern the enterprise. The over-oxygenated air free of doubt and its polluting influences, the ever-optimistic Hollywood precognitive reflex exercised beyound all sanity and good sense – one should know better about cooperative activities in which the responsible parties, smiling altogether too broadly at the outset, torture fate and molecules with advance-congratulatory high fives. We must be doomed.

And yet, in spite of my dread and paranoia about the process, I am troubling now to contain my own sense of GLORIOUS WONDER at the outcome. This album began as a dubious profiler: come and join the show. None of the artists here would have the luxury of seeing The X-Files movie before singing on, let alone before performing this most transitive art. They would go off to compose their work in secret, too: expressionistic interpretations of the mysterious. Of an object groped in the dark. The vague context providing a chance opportunity, creating a new context: do your own thing. We are not doomed, the existentialists tell us, we are just doomed to freedom.

And thus, with much ariness, adrift in the horse latitudes of anticipation, the first audio waves are rippling against the side of the ghost ship. A varietal siren chorus on the tradewinds. Still the lifeboats, land ho. Hands in the air, the responsible parties smiling broadly, HIGH FIVES all around”.

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