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quarta-feira, 11 julho, 2018 por Txuca

Um feito: Bill Byford, da banda desde sempre e demonstrando isenção. Sabendo distinguir e destilar diferentes fases da própria banda, em release contido em “Unleash the Beast” (2007):

This was Doug Scarratts first CD he co-wrote songs on and it was the start of the Quinn/Scarratt partnership. It was also Nigel Glockers last CD for almost nine years, when we were trying out new drummers. The intro of ‘Beast’ was the trial to see if they were good enough. This was our first CD with a mixture of old and new – ‘Terminal Velocity’, ‘The Thin Red Line’ and ‘The Preacher’ in a classic style and ‘Circle Of Light’, ‘Cut Out the Disease’ much more a darker. The title track is one of those unique Saxon tracks that started life as an idea about a gargoyle and turned into a full on Metal Classic. ‘Ministry Of Fools’, ‘Blood Letter’ and ‘All Hell Breaking Loose’ are more in a 1980s mode and ‘Absent Friends’ was a goodbye song for great friend and tour manager JJ Jones who died suddenly. I think the CD is a landmark album in the bands history and still sounds great today. Live to rock Bill Byford!

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  1. André

    Li Bill Brufford. Já ia comentar groselha.

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