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quarta-feira, 28 junho, 2017 por Txuca

Kai Hansen meio q dizendo q o “Blast Of the Past” (2000) ñ é bem uma coletânea de ‘melhores sons’, mas de regravações destes com formação então atual. Sons nem tanto escolhidos pela banda, mas tb ñ pelos fãs. Sem conseguir disfarçar a contento q tvz tenha sido gravado mais pra cumprir contrato, vai entender…


Hello everybody out there

so there it is, the first Gammaray ‘Best Of Album’. (BOA ey!)

After 6 studio álbuns and ten years of existence in the Heavy Metal Universe as GammaRay it was about time to take the ‘best’ songs and put them together on one album. To get things straight right from the start, ‘the best’ does not mean that each individual taste is represented, neither does it mean that the other tracks on the 6 albuns are crap. We would have had a hard time in selecting them by ourselves, so we made it easy on us and gave fans worldwide the opportunity to make the choice. 3 Songs had to be rated as ‘the favourites’ of each album.

A big thanx to everyone who took part. We counted how often each song was mentioned and it was interesting to see that the average was very clear on position 1 and 2, then on 3, 4 and 5 we sometimes had results that were only one or two points apart. So I guess, a frequent question on the following tour will be: ‘Why is… this or that song… not included?’. Well, can’t get it right for everyone, and that’s good because in the end we’re individuals and not just a dumb mass.

Special about this album is of course the ‘new arrengement, new recording, new mix, new everything’ part. Since S.O.I.S. we have a band that seems to be stable and the chemistry feels right. GammaRay today sounds different than in the past. So we felt we should create new versions of the chosen songs of ‘Heading, Sigh, Insaniy and Land’: since you guys shouldn’t spend your money on something already existing in your record shelf. The new works gave us the chance to avoid mistakes or fuck ups that maybe are only known to the makers ear and to do some new ones, ehe. We took the songs and arrenged them as we thought they should be from our nowadays point of view, so don’t be surprised to hear a lot of alterations compared to the originals.

It will be up to you to decide whether you prefer old or new, or just like or hate both.

I think I said enough, enjoy the ‘best GammaRay album ever’ and have a joyful metalennium!

Cheerz, Kai

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  1. FC

    Legal. Em vários discos do Gamma Ray o Kai Hansen escreve alguma mensagem assim, ou nos agradecimentos, dizendo que estão no meio da mixagem, que acabaram de gravar etc.

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